Sites to go to in Oman

Areas to go to in Oman

When you think of Oman, What enters your mind?

If you had the chance to go there, which locations would you visit?

It truly is unfortunate that when you think of Oman, you may be thinking of desert-like locations solely, you will not be blamed for that, however the truth is there are other spots in Oman that will make you dumbfounded.

There are plenty of amazing and attractive places you can visit in this beautiful nation that will leave you with an ‘out of this world’ experience.

If you decide to visit this country, you will not have regrets. You will remember the amazing times you spent on your stay.

The following is a well-researched checklist of destinations that you may go to on your holiday getaway in Oman;

1. Mutrah Corniche

Mutrah Corniche is geographically situated in Muscat and it is a really unique place for the residents.

In ancient times, this area was regarded as the center of trade for the dealers. This is a true reflection of what is happening right now considering that this area has experienced great economical growth over time.

This location is satisfying during the evening hours, where you can plan to take a walk across the seafront. You will have the opportunity to see the interesting buildings and mosques and not leaving out the well-shaped mountains.

Additionally during your walk, you can not skip the frankincense tower which is a superb memorial in Muscat.

You can also choose to do some shopping in among the old markets in this location called the Mutrah Souq. You can find several Omani products there that may appeal you.

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2. Nizwa Fort

If you are a person who enjoys prehistoric areas then you might find it interesting whenever you check out the Nizwa Fort.

The truth is, this fort is an excellent source of income in the tourist field and the rich background culture go on until this day.

Yet another truth concerning the Nizwa fort is that its one of the oldest forts in Oman. With an adventurous spirit, you might like to ascend its tower for a good view of the souq, mosques and various other amazing destinations.

Also you can have the chance to check out crafty females making lovely designs of crafts.

Soon after its renovation, the Fort has put quite attractive jewellery and also resources that tell a lot concerning the history of people of Oman.

3. Jebel Shams

If you are a mountain climber then this is a superb place for you. You can take your time to go with climbing along with your friends.

The Jebel Shams has its own record of becoming among the highest peaks within the entire place of the Middle East.

Surprisingly there are also small properties that people are now living in, and you may wonder exactly how they survive in those conditions.

You will also think it is satisfying once you camp at this majestic place.

As beautiful as it is, the place has earned the name the Grand Canyon of the Middles East.

4. Wadi Shab

This is an extremely fascinating location that you need to consider visiting on your holiday getaway in Oman. If you forget this place, then you will miss a lot.

This is a good place that you can like together with your family especially when children are involved.

There are numerous activities that you can enjoy in this area, like, backpacking, high cliff diving, going swimming, head over to secret caves and many other. Motorboat riding can be another pastime that you must also have.

Wadi Shab is the greatest place to be, you’ll definitely enjoy your stay there.

5. The Islands of Daymaniyat

These islands are probably the best spots that you need to look at going to after you have just arrived in Oman.

The islands are comprised of white and sandy shorelines that are characterized by blue oceans.

You can almost spend your whole holiday trip at these exceptional islands.

You will have two forms of diving at your plate in these island destinations; one the scuba diving and also the snorkel. The option is yours to make so long as you take pleasure in it.


There are other interesting places you can go to within this stunning country known as Oman. On the other hand, the list above has given you with some of the very best places you can check out as you delight in your getaways in this exciting country in the Middle East. Best wishes!