About Caucasus

The Caucasus is the mountainous area which is nestled between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea consisting of Azerbaijan, southern Russia,

The highlands and the plateaus

The huge highlands and the plateaus range from Azov Sea to the Caspian Sea all through the northern foothill. The...

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The range

The range of Lesser Caucasus extends to the southward to the Highland of Armenian which goes to the southwest into...

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The high number of animal species

It is a home to the high number of animal species and endemic plant, which is ranked as the leading...

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The Caucasus eco-region

Formed by isthmus between the Caspian and Black Seas, the Caucasus eco-region is the biological crossroads, where the animal and...

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Complex and mountainous geography

Its complex and mountainous geography give a rise to the staggering diversity of cultures, landscapes and ecosystems for tourist attractions. Within the mere stretch of 800 km, one may travel from arid deserts on Caspian shore to lush, the subtropical rainforests on a Black Sea coast. Caucasus is a home to different charismatic endemic birds, the breeding on highest mountain ranges. It’s also the migration corridor for enormous bird population...

The forest ecosystem

The forest ecosystem of Caucasus is known for the high level of a biodiversity, which is a highest in Europe. In this region, there are about 6,000 plant species which grows which include, lichens and mushrooms, giving the quarter of the endemic. Western Caucasus become the only place where the unique Mediterranean ecosystem which is represented for instance the juniper-pistachio sparse forests. Beech, oak, boxwood, chestnut, fir, and the maple...

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The tourist attraction

Forest ecosystem of Caucasus are also the home to some species of animals like Central Asian leopard, European bison, Caucasian red deer, roe deer, wild goat, wild boar, brown bear, among others. Being the tourist attraction, it’s also the very important place for speciation of lizards and snakes. The Caucasus forests play the critical role of maintaining the favorable water condition for the rivers upto 80% of the rivers runoff are formed in the mountain forests and the containment of the surface erosion.

Mountain pass in the Caucasus

Elbrus region

Georgia forest


Those who want to travel to Caucasus travel can get the information concerning the great number of most beautiful archeological, architectural and historical monuments of world significance, natural diversity of the reserves, ecological parks and natural parks and of different unique ethnographic heritage in this region. The Southern part of Caucasus is the most favored places for the tourists from various parts in the world, and more so from the Post-Soviet countries. Well-known for these lands, it is growing every year.

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